Liver Detox Tea

Improving Liver Function with Liver Detox Tea

There has been a lot of buzz around liver detox tea, but what does the liver want with tea? It all starts with the very important role that the liver plays in the overall functionality of the body. You see, the liver is a vital organ that filters out toxins from the blood, and it also produces substances called amino acids which help to break down fats and sugars for energy. When we eat too many foods riddled with “toxins”, breathe in pollution, consume too much alcohol, or even take prescription drugs such as antibiotics, we’re actually creating a great deal of work for the liver—sometimes too much work. Once the liver becomes overworked, a plethora of symptoms can erupt as signs that the liver simply isn’t able to do its job as efficiently any more.

Liver detox tea is an herbal tea with a very root-y flavor. That flavor comes from the ingredients in the tea, which are usually licorice, dandelion, and sarsaparilla. These herbs help to promote healthy liver function by regenerating the damaged cells in the liver and protecting it from further damage. Clinical studies have shown that consuming these herbs on a daily basis can help relieve symptoms of a damaged liver within only two weeks. That’s pretty impressive! So how is it so effective? One of the main theories is that these herbs can stimulate the body’s production of interferon, which is one of the main substances used to treat hepatitis B.

Liver detox tea is also high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that have quite an impressive power! They work to inhibit molecular oxidization, which is the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another. Oxidization has a tendency to produce cells that are referred to as “free radicals” because they are molecularly unstable (having too many or too few electrons). Yes, it’s all very science-y, but antioxidants can lend a huge helping hand to a liver in need of repair!

You may be wondering how you can tell whether your liver is overworked or failing to function at its highest capability. Although some people experience different symptoms than others (hey, we’re all unique, right?), there are some symptoms that are shared among people who suffer from liver damage. Headaches, excessive bloating, mood changes, and fatigue are all very common symptoms. In very severe cases, one may notice a drop in appetite, have trouble keeping food down, diarrhea, and may feel thirsty all the time regardless of how much they drink. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, is another tell-tale sign that the liver is suffering. With severe symptoms like this, a liver detox tea may not be enough to help the liver recover quick enough. A doctor should be seen to deal with this advanced state of liver damage as most of these symptoms point to possible liver disease.

If you think you might have minor liver damage due to the body’s everyday strains and stresses, then you should definitely give some thought to drinking liver detox tea. Preparation can be a simple as dropping a tea bag into some boiling water, or steeping herbs in a tea pot. If you want the freshest and most potent effect, then you may want to purchase the tea in loose-leaf form. This form is exactly as the name suggests—the herbs come sealed in a bag or canister rather than in tea bags.

To prepare loose-leaf detox tea, measure out two tablespoons of the dry herbs and place them into a pot of boiling water. Allow the herbs to “steep” or soak for about ten minutes. Pour the tea through a fine sifter or a tea strainer, which are available online and at most local shops. The purpose of pouring the tea through a sifter and then into your cup is to avoid running into bits of herbs in your drink. Sweeten with honey or sugar as desired.

The potency of liver detox tea varies from brand to brand, as well as whether it is in tea bag or loose leaf form. Follow the instructions on the package to determine how many cups you should drink each day. Also pay attention to how many consecutive days the tea should be drank in order to effectively cleanse the liver. In most cases it is around ten days, but again this varies depending on the brand you buy.

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