Liver Cleansing Diet

The Benefits Of The Liver Cleansing Diet

The liver cleansing diet improves your body's immune system, overall health and helps to establish an ideal body weight.  For those individuals that are fighting off a chronic illness or often lose weight unintentionally, then the liver cleansing diet will cleanse their livers and can offer a healthier appetite to help keep their body weight where it needs to be.  If you are not looking to gain weight but rather lose a few pounds instead, the exact same diet can eliminate cravings and help to restore your health overall while it also helps with your weight loss.

Where To Begin

Before you begin your liver cleansing diet, you need to document any symptoms that you are currently experiencing.  The things to look for are allergies, body odor, cold hands, diarrhea, erratic blood sugar, headaches, menstrual cramps, PMS, varicose veins, anxiety, high blood pressure, constipation, dry hair, flatulence, hemorrhoids, mood swings, slow healing, weight gain, asthma, low blood pressure, cravings, dry skin, foot pain, insomnia, high sweats, stress, bloating, cold feet, depression, low energy, gall bladder problems, joint pain, poor concentration and unclear thinking.

You will want to revisit this list that you have made once a month to note any differences that you are improving on as your body gets healthier.  It is always helpful to keep a journal or a food diary to review your food in take and healthy changes.  Keeping a diet journal while you are on your liver cleansing diet is always recommended.  It not only serves the purpose of tracking what you eat but also how you are feeling.  Plus, this is a good motivational tool to use when you feel yourself with the urge to stray away from what the best choices are for your body.  It is proven that the root of many problems can be due to an unhealthy liver.


Cleansing your liver can also help to correct acne as well as other skin issues.  Why would a liver cleansing diet affect your skin?  Well, everything that you consume passes through your liver via your bloodstream.  There are many toxic substances that end up having to be stored in the liver since this is where toxins are to be removed from your blood.  Therefore, these extra toxins that you ingest lead to a congested, sluggish liver that can not only affect your skin but your energy levels as well.

Unnatural toxins that you ingest can come from junk food, food preservatives such as MSG, antibiotics, carcinogens, prescription medication, hormone treatments and sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Food And Drink

The liver cleansing diet will require you to focus on consuming healthy whole foods, especially legumes and whole grains.  You also need to drink a lot of bottled water to flush toxins out of you system.  You will want to choose foods that are low in saturated fat, high in fiber and low in sugar.

You will want to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit on the liver cleansing diet.  This will help to provide living enzymes to your body to build healthy cells.  Turning your fruits and vegetables into a fresh prepared juice is also ideal since it provides enzymes and vitamins without taxing your liver from the digestion process.  Additionally, fish should be added to your diet at least twice per week and when selecting your salad ingredients, choose dark leafy greens.


The liver cleansing diet will help you lose unwanted weight and restore energy while doing so.  However, detoxification can be sometimes unpleasant from days to weeks, depending on the individual.  Detox symptoms may include headache, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness and diarrhea.  This is just your body's withdrawal from unhealthy toxins.  Stick with your diet and once you get through these withdrawals you will feel like a brand new person.

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